Thursday, December 11, 2008


Soo when Kaylee was a little baby, like 3 weeks old her Nana put her into the clothes basket and she was able to lay out and spread out with room to spare....not anymore! I was doing laundry and Kaylee was being clingy so I just threw her on top of the warm clean clothes and carried her into the living room to help me fold them. Who am I kidding, I fold them and she unfolds them!

Kaylee's First Steps

Kaylee took her first steps! Yippee! Here are a couple of the first ones caught on tape. She is quite proficient at it now so we will post more vidoes soon of Kaylee zooming around the house!

She Can Climb!

What Can She Get Into Now?

Well what can I say she is her mother's daughter.....The pictures are of Kaylee rearranging out pantry for us, I guess she didn't like the way I had it all set up. The next video explains itself and I am sure that my mom and dad will appreciate it very very much....

New Teething Relief

I think we have discovered one of the best, natural and yummiest teethers ever! This past November when Cheryl and Teri were visiting for their choral competition, we went and visited the Dole Plantation. At the end of the train ride, which Kaylee loved mostly because I nursed her the entire time and the wind had an nice breeze going thru the open train cars, we got to watch a presentation on cutting pineapples. The woman giving the presentation started off with cutting off the the inside cores of the pineapple. She noticed Kaylee in the crowd, I mean how could she not she is the cutest thing ever, and offered a piece of the core to Kaylee. She went on to tell us that many locals had been using them as teethers for years. Well sure enough Kaylee chomped down on it and we didn't hear a peep out of her for about the next hour and a half. She even fell asleep with it in her hand on the ride back to Honolulu and woke up crying after dropping it in her sleep. So I went out and bought us a pineapple the next week. Kaylee was in heaven for the next couple of days!

Kaylee Has a Friend Over

This past October, our friend and fellow Marine, Roman had his daughter visiting him. Kaylee and Kaylen used to play together when they were younger. They are 6 months apart almost to the day, well we hadn't seen her since May, so this was quite exciting for Kaylee. Kaylen was a little bit scared at first and just wanted to sit in her daddy's lap. But after dinner both girls got down and played together or at least took toys from each other. At the end of the evening Kaylen didn't want to leave and it was so sad having to kiss the munchkin goodbye.

Mini Marathon of Blogging

I am so so so so behind in my blogging...every time I think that I have time to blog something else comes up mostly sleepiness or Kaylee. So here it goes a mini blogging marathon...sit back, read, laugh and enjoy!